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The Best Zucchini Bread Recipe

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My garden produced some massive zucchinis the year and I had to make use of them. I have been searching for a really amazing zucchini bread recipe for some time, but it seems like every one I tried I didn't end up liking. So I finally wised up and asked my Hubby's Grandmother for her recipe. Duh, Grandma recipes are always the best! The thing that surprised me was that instead of butter this recipe called for oil. After trying it I can honestly say it is the BEST zucchini bread ever!!! 

Grandma's Best Zucchini Bread

Step 1: Grate that zucchini. (You need 2 cups)

Step 2: Combine
            3 Eggs 
            1 C Oil
            2 C Granulated Sugar
            2 tsp Vanilla 
            2 C Grated Zucchini 

Step 3: Mix With
          3 C Flour 
          1 tsp Baking Soda
          1 tsp Cinnamon 
          1/4 tsp Baking Powder
          1 C Nuts or Raisins (Optional, I didn't add them) 

Step 4: Pour into 2 greased loaf pans and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour (a toothpick should come out of the center clean and the edges should looks golden) 

This is addictive like can't stop eating it, someone take this from me good! Try it out I guarantee that you wont be disappointed. 

Pin Up Maternity Photo Shoot

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Its been almost a year since these photos were taken and my little monster is going to be a year old in a few short weeks. I can't believe it.  I love the all things pin up (surprise) and my Pinterest was dotted with examples of vintage style photos. I decided what the heck and went for a pin-up maternity photo theme & I couldn't have been happier with the result. Don't ask how I wore those heels, that is a deal made between the devil and I haha! (No seriously I thought my feet were going to fall off) Our amazing and talented photographer friend Kaiti McDonough, took the photos & I can never thank her enough for taking what I considered such a uncomfortable, and unpretty time and turning it into a time I felt most beautiful! 

Wedding Rings For The Alternative Bride and Groom Pt. 2

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Ever since my first post about alternative wedding rings I am constantly seeing new ones I wish I had added. So with that in mind, here is part 2!

Artmasters on Etsy (this whole post could almost be about them) has a huge selection of really fantastic rings. It is so much fun to just browse their designs that are so unique yet still classic, I love these! Here are a few of my favorites  --->

& for the guys

JewelryByJohan has some of the most amazing earthy wedding jewelry. I saw these rings and the rock nerd in me got so excited! (I do have a whole pinterest board of just rocks lol)  

This men's wedding band is made out of meteorite and dinosaur bone! Seriously how cool is that?! 

A matching set, made out of meteorite

This titanium ring has a real wood pinstripe and inside

This ring from JewelryByGaro is fantastic, the center stone is a round diamond, accented by black diamonds and set in 14kt black gold. Love it!! 

A steampunk wedding ring from SwankMetalSmithing! Rose gold and black diamond make this ring really classy and unique!  

Hope you enjoyed the post! I could go on an on with these, and I'm sure I'll eventually do a part 3. Don't forget to follow :-)  

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